The Beginning

The music was fun and happy. All around me, the sound of laughter filled the air. The laughter of many souls, young and old, each experiencing a slightly different array of emotions. It wasn’t just sound. Lights of many different colors, some flashing, some just glowing brightly,all coming from the rides, slides and stalls, brightened the night sky, which also happened to contain a medley of different scents. There was the smell of flowers, fresh and rejuvenating. The smell of candy, incredibly sweet and absolutely delicious. The smell of popcorn, warm and buttery. It was this combination of sights, sounds and smells that made my heart want to burst with elation at being back in a carnival.

Suddenly, I smelt an unfamiliar smell. It was sharp and did not belong with the candy and flowers. It was the smell of Salt. Accompanying it, the sounds of rushing and crashing, constant and increasing in volume.It was the sound of a beach. Then, my eyes opened.

Unfamiliar of my surroundings, I looked around, startled for a second, wondering where exactly I was. The view that greeted me through the window made me realize instantly. It was the view of a long coastline. Kissing the coastline, in the distance, was a mountain that took my breath away. It was a mountain that was so popular, well-known for the flat top, that rather resembled a table. It was Table Mountain, one of the 7 natural wonders of the World. This view also made me realize why I was here. It marked the start of my journey. I would finally get the chance to quench my thirst to explore. The is nothing better than beginning the Journey of my life in the place that was so stunning, and so close to home. It was the view of Cape Town.

However, there was not much exploring that could be done today, for it was dusk and I awoke just in time to watch the sun set over the sea. The skies were clear, making the flight from my home, Johannesburg, to Cape Town nothing short of spectacular. I can barely contain my excitement, thinking of the adventure to come. Tomorrow, I would start my journey by exploring the pride and joy of the Western Cape, Table Mountain.

Setting my alarm for 6 AM, I lay back down on my bed, not bothered about eating or doing much else really. My mind was already painting a picture of how my day would be. And with the sound of the ocean, and the salty sea breeze, my eyes closed. Tomorrow is going to be…magnificent.



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